The Inner Chamber

I am a web developer and educator. At the moment, I am working on several applications to enhance the learning process of various areas, particularly language learning and programming.

I have tentative plans to create tutorials for python, javascript, jquery and php, and will include them here should I complete any.

Below are some live examples of my work. You may also visit my github to see more.

Endless kanji

A tool to aid acquisition of the jouyou kanji. To be used alongside traditional learning methods such as RTK (remembering the kanji) and SRS (spaced-repetition system).

Start page

A startpage that I created. Type !? or !help in the search box.

The startpage emporium has more examples.

YouTube search

A small prototype that makes use of the YouTube API to search for and watch videos.

Drag and Drop

A small drag and drop prototype making use of interact.js. Includes a facility to create draggable elements.